Sunday, July 17, 2011

Welcome to this thing

So here we are.

You are reading this, I am writing it.

Yes it is another gold blog. I hope I will give some good insight as what to, and what not to, do while on the road to the gold cap. I'm sure I will cover many of the things already covered in many of the other gold blogs out there. I just feel the need to give my own little advice about how and where to start, where not to go, how to go about doing it... you know, just like every one else. Except I hope to make it a little more interesting and drama free.

As it stands now I have 50k gold in the bank. I've been a little flat the last couple weeks due to the fact I've let my foot off the peddel a bit, but I'm sure it will pick up again soon. Just need to get my schedule down and get my head back in the game.

50k is the most I have ever had in Wow. Not a lot to some, unimaginable amount to others. I'm actually pretty happy with it. It's enough I can invest in most items if I want to try to flip it, or if I'm crazy I can just buy something for myself.

I, also, intend to blog about other non-gold related things just to keep in interesting. It can't all be about making money. Gotta have a little balance in there to keep us all sane.

So here we are. We like to call this the start.

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  1. Welcome to gold blogging. I look forward to reading our posts. When you hit 6 posts be sure to let me know so I can add you to The World Of Warcraft Gold Blog Directory.