Thursday, September 8, 2011

100k Gold!! And some other stuff.

A little while back I hit the first of what I hope to be many milestones. I hit 100k gold and let my Twitter followers know about it when it happened. As of right now I am sitting at just over 100k gold. Honestly, I never though I would see that number. That is the most gold anyone I personally know has ever seen on their account. I think the best part about this is that I hit it with the last 20k or so coming just from using the Mobile AH on my phone. It is awesome to have all those TUJ item updates emailed to me, then be able to switch right over and buy something that is at a good price.

Now the reason I've been doing most of my goblining using the mobile AH is that life has taken a twist and my already limited play time has become even more limited. So my perspective on gold making is about to become very narrow indeed. It should be an interesting challenge to see how much gold I can make on a super limited play schedule. I may have to hit up TUJ some more and create a second account for some different alerts. I have some thoughts on how to make the most of my time, but I need to organize them a bit more and do some research before I let them get ahead of me.

For now I look for bargins, repost at good profit margins, and play when I can.

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